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Steam Nameplates

LOCOMOTIVE NAMEPLATE: "ROBERT THE DEVIL" as carried by LNER 4-6-2 Class A1 Loco No 1479 built at Doncaster in July 1923 as works No 1571. Renumbered 4479 in April 1925 and withdrawn as an A1 from New England in January 1942 and sent to Doncaster for conversion to class A3 in July 1942. Re-entered traffic in August 1942, becoming LNER 110 in August 1946 and BR 60110 in March 1949. Double Chimney fitted in May 1959 and German type smoke deflectors were fitted in 1961. A long-time King's Cross loco withdrawn from there June 1963 and cut up at Doncaster July 1963. Cast Brass in Superb Ex Loco condition, the Number 110 is clearly stamped on the underside. This was the only A1/A3 Class Loco to retain the same tender throughout its service. The vendor has been in possession of this nameplate for the past 51 years -- a stunning Ex Loco example regarded as one of the best A3 names!!!!!!!!!!!! Plenty of knocks and scrapes from a life time of service.

LOCOMOTIVE NAMEPLATE "SIR PERSANT" KING ARTHUR CLASS as carried by Southern Railway 4-6-0 loco No 780 built by North British Loco Co, Hyde Park, Glasgow. Works No 23226 July 1925. Renumbered 30780 at Nationalisation. A long-time Bournemouth Engine from where it was withdrawn from service in July 1959. Scrapped at Eastleigh Works in September 1959. A stunning Ex Loco example front and back stamped 780 on the back. Plenty of knocks and scrapes from a life time of service. Mounted on a timber back board for many decides. The vendor has been in possession of this nameplate for the past 51 years.

"ANTRIM CASTLE". As carried by an Irish Railways Class U2 4-4-0 No 75.

Loco Nameplate & Brass Cabside Number Plate "7910" as carried by a Hawksworth designed 4-6-0 Modified Hall class Locomotive Named "HOWN HALL" built by BR at Swindon Works in January 1950. Allocations included a long time Southall, Swindon, Reading and Oxford from where it was withdrawn in February 1965. Cut up at Swindon in May 1965.


A stunning selection of rare North Eastern / London & North Eastern Railwayana has been uncovered after 50 years. All the items of which are being offered for sale under the hammer at our 30th May Auction at Stafford

The Gentleman worked at Darlington North Road Works in the early 1960's - throughout those golden years of steam locos being scrapped and in his wisdom he started to acquire items of Railwayana for scrap value and even in exchange for packets of cigarettes.

LNER A1 Smokebox - Loco no 60129 "GUY MANNERING". Ex Loco Condition. Sheds 52A, 52B, 52D, 50A - WDN 10/65

LNER A1 Smokebox - Loco no 60143 "SIR WALTER SCOTT". Ex Loco Condition. Sheds 52A, 52B, 52D, 50A - WDN 5/64

LNER A1 Smokebox - Loco no 60145 "SAINT MUNGO". Ex Loco Condition. Sheds 52A, 56C, 50A - WDN 6/66

LNER Q6 Smokebox - Loco no 63431. Ex Loco Condition. Sheds 54C, 52J, 52C, 52H, 51C- WDN 9/67

Superb Steel Flame-Cut Panel - "LION 0VER WHEEL". Removed from the sideof an unknown A1 Steam Loco in Darlington Works - 1960's

Framecut from J72 - BR Number 68723

Ex Newcastle Station Pilot. Painted LNER Green May 1960
1st Pre-Grouping Number -LNER 2316
2nd Pre-Grouping Number - LNER 8723
Works/Lot Number - 394
Class Code - J72
Designer - W Worsdell
Designation - 0-6-0T
Built - 30/04/1922
Builder - Armstrong Whitworth
1948 Shed - 52A Gateshead
Last Shed - 52A Gateshead
Withdrawn - 30/09/1963
Disposal/Cut Date - Darlington Works, North Road (B.R.) 31/10/1963

Brass Worksplate - LNER Darlington 4829 - 1939. Ex V2 - 60858

Brass Tenderplate - LNER Darlington 8756 1919. Ex Class D20 No 62359. 9 x 5

Brass Worksplate - LNER Darlington 65879 1922. Ex J27

Brass Worksplate - LNER Darlington 68729 - 1895. Brass Strip 68729 applied over the original number.


Standard Class 5 Caprotti Instructions and Book of Rates

Framed & Glazed Diagram "CROFT SPA" and "CROFT DEPOTS"

LN-E Stamped, Bull Nose 3 Aspect Hand Lamp

C/I Wagon Plate


A fine selection of signalling and other railwayana items from an Exeter based collection.

GWR Enamel Station Lamp Tablet Sign - "TOTNES" - Rare survivor!!!!

GWR Locomotive Cab AWS unit"--All complete



An Excellent Selection of Lovely 1950's - Classic GPO Original Baker Lite Telephones




A Mounted Selection of Pay Checks















Cabside Numberplates

Brass Cabside Number plate "6686" as carried by an ex GWR Collett designed 0-6-2T built by Armstrong Whitworth in October 1928.

Brass Cabside Number plate "5339". As carried by a GWR Churchward 43xx class 2-6-0 Locomotive built at Swindon Works in January 1918. Allocations included Plymouth Laira, Newton Abbot, St Philip Marsh, Carmarthen, Exeter, Severn Tunnel Junction from where it was withdrawn in November 1960. Cut up at Swindon works in April 1961. Front restored.

GWR "DEAN GOODS" No 2351 Withdrawn 20th Feb 1953 from Brecon after 69 years' service

A GWR C/I CABSIDE NUMBERPLATE "6391". Carried by a 43XX Class 2-6-0 built at Swindon Works. Allocations 82B ST.PHILLIPS MARSH, 82A BRISTOL BATH ROAD, 84E TYSELEY, 82C SWINDON, 81D READING. Stored 9/62 - 2/64, Cut up at Kings, Norwich 4/64. Ex-loco condition.

C/I Cabside No 6416 - Ex 88A & 88D - WDN 11/63

C/I Cabside Number plate "5229" as carried by a Churchward ex GWR 42XX 2-8-0T built at Swindon in June 1924. Allocations included Swansea East Dock, Newport Pill, Newport Ebbw Junction and Cardiff East Dock from where it was withdrawn in May 1963. Cut up at Cashmores Newport in March 1964. In ex Loco Condition.

Brass Cabside Number plate "6312" as carried by a Churchward 43xx class 2-6-0 tender Locomotive built at Swindon Works in January 1921. Allocations included Old Oak Common, Cardiff Canton, Reading, Taunton, St. Philips Marsh from where it was withdrawn in September 1962. Cut up at Cashmores Newport in September 1963.

Industrial Alloy Cabside Number Plate - Ex Yorkshire Engine Co - 0-6-0

Smokebox Numberplates

C/I Smokebox Number plate "31489" as carried by a Maunsell designed ex Southern Railway D1 class 4-4-0 built by Dubs & Co Glasgow in April 1903. Allocations included Faversham, Tonbridge and Bricklayers Arms from where it was withdrawn in Nov 1961. Cut up at Ashford Works in December 1961

C/I Smokebox Number plate "68016" as carried by a Riddles designed J94 0-6-0 ST built by Hunslet Engineering Leeds in December 1944. Allocations included Sunderland, Tyne Dock, Gateshead and Darlington from where it was withdrawn in May 1964. Cut up at Cohen's South Bank Middleborough 9/64.

C/I Smokebox Number plate "64904" as carried by a Gresley designed J39 0-6-0 built at Darlington Works in August 1936. Allocations included Darlington,Lincoln,Heaton,Selby,Scarborough and Hull Dairycoates from where it was withdrawn in October 1961. Cut up at Cowlairs Works Glasgow in December 1961.

C/I Smokebox Number plate "61916" as carried by a Gresley designed K3 2-6-0 built by Armstrong Whitworth in May 1931. Allocations Edinburgh St.Margarets and Carlisle Canal from where it was withdrawn in December 1960. Cut up at Cowlairs Works Glasgow in April 1961.

C/I Smokebox Number plate "57689" as carried by an ex Caledonian Railway Pickersgill designed 3F 0-6-0 LMS No 17689,built at St.Rollox Works Glasgow in January 1920. Allocations included Grangemouth, Oban, Hurlford, Hawick and Motherwell from where it was withdrawn in August 1963. Cut up at Cowlairs Works Glasgow in November 1963.

48703 - Withdrawn 55D Royston October 1967

48395 - Withdrawn 8A Edge Hill Sept 1967

48374 - Withdrawn 9H Patricroft August 1968

C/I Smokebox Number plate "44516" as carried by a Fowler designed ex LMS 4F 0-6-0 built at Crewe in June 1928. Allocations included Bourneville, Rowsley, Bescot, Saltley from where it was withdrawn in September 1964. Cut up at Cashmores Great Bridge in January 1965.

Diesel and Electric Nameplates

Class 73 Electro - Diesel Loco "COUNTY OF EAST SUSSEX" & Badge. Ex 73 122

Class 73 Electro - Diesel Loco "COUNTY OF WEST SUSSEX" & Badge. Ex 73 113

Class 08 no 08 950

Class 73 "FORCE 'O' WEYMOUTH" No 73109 - To mark "D Day"


Class 60 - "JOSEPH LISTER" No 60025

HST - Class 43 loco No 43142 - "ST MARY'S HOSPITAL PADDINGTON" -- A Royal Connection!!!

Diesel and Electric Worksplates

Class 33 - Del 136 - Ex D6544 - becoming 33 026

Ex Class 76 Loco Plate

Class 40 - Ex D344 - becoming 40 144

Class 37 - Ex D6806 - becoming 37 106

NBL Class 21 Works No 27866 - Ex D6138

One of the Early Batch of "TOFFEE APPLES" Brush Oval Class 31 Works No 85-1958 - Ex D5516/31014

C/I Oval "BUILT 1957 DARLINGTON" Class 08 batch build from D3439 - D3477

Drewry Oval 0-6-0 Class 04 - Works No 2656 - 1960 - Ex D2279

Derby 1966 - Class 25 - Build batch - D7598 - D 7623 - Ex Loco

A Class 22 Diesel Cab Plate - Ex D6152

Steam Worksplates

Extremely Rare Worksplates

These two steam loco worksplates are the rarest ever uncovered to date !!!!

This plate was removed off the tender of 5339 and acquired from Swindon at the same time as the cabside.

Ex 68467 LNER 0-6-0 J77

Ex Loco Condition (SECR - ASHFORD) off a "H Class" 0-4-4T - Sixty-six members of the class designed by Harry Wainwright in 1904.

Ex B1 - 61140 - First of a batch of 50

Ex B1 - 61134 - One of a 100 Batch

Ex Std Class 5 Worksplate

Ex - 73112 Morgan - Le - Fay

LMS Built 1949 Horwich - Batch 43023 - 43049 or 44668/669

R W Hawthorn - Leslie Works No 3166 - 1916.

LNER Darlington 1599 - 1924. As carried by a 2-8-0 Class O2 Loco No 63978.

Cast Iron 9x5 Worksplate from 63881 As carried by a ROD 2-8-0 of BR class 04/3 later renumbered 3881 1919.

Neilson & Co Glasgow No 2937 - 1882

Fine Selection of LMS Worksplates

C.R Drummond "Pug" Ex 56025 - Removed from the St Rolloxs Works Shunter

LMS 1900 Built St Rollox from either Caledonian classes 4-4-0 900 class LMS No's 14437 to 14438, 879 class 0-4-4T LMS 15137 to 15147 (BR survivors were 55138 to 55146). Also 15159 to 15175 (BR survivors were 55129 to 55162, 55164 to 55175), 0-4-0ST LMS 16030 to 16035 (BR survivors 56030 to 56032 and 56035)

LMS 1922 Built St Rollox from either Caledonian classes 439 class 0-4-4T LMS no's 15231 to 15236 (BR no's 55231 to 55236). Also 431 class 0-4-4T LMS No's 15237 to 15240 (BR no's 55237 to 55240), 782 class 0-6-0T LMS no's 16370 to 16376 (LMS no's 56370 to 56376)

Shed Plates







North Eastern Region


Scottish Region





Western Region








Eastern Region


Southern Region








London Midland Region






Industrial Nameplates

Ex M.S.C Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 No 50 "AUSTRALIA"

Longmoor Military Railway

SR Targets

SR Enamel Seatbacks

LMS Hawkes Eye

Depot Plaques





Depot Plaques (Ex Stores - Not carried)





MR Casting Patterns - Ex Derby Works


Railway Clocks



Loco Whistles

Ex Caledonian 3 chime Loco Whistle.

An LMS Stanier Hooter, ex Loco Condition

PKP Loco Steam Whistle - Ex PX 48 Loco

Loco Fittings

A4 Gresley Pacific Steam Regulator Handle - Ex 60019 "BITTERN" Taken off at Perth Shed - 63A - By Mr P Sinclair, St Rolloxs Works. Inspector

Industrial Loco Brass Safety Value

Loco Tender Plates

Station Enamels and Signs

Ex Gerrards Cross Station

ER Station Enamel

Ex St Ives Station

Ex St Ives Station

Enamels - Ex Harrogate Station


Other Enamel Signs

C/I Doorplates

GWR C/I Door Plates - Ex Bryn Menyn Station - Nr Swansea

Station Running In Boards and Enamels

Station Facia Enamel

Cast Iron Signs

Extremely Rare "MID WALES RAILWAY" C/I Boundary Maker

Cast Iron Crane Plate

Kent & East Sussex -Trespass Notice -- Not Common

Shropshire & Montgomery Railway Bridge Restriction Notice - Extremely Rare!

London Transport

Rare Survivor - Superb 1950's Framed & Glass "LONDON UNDERGROUND" Direction Sign.

Highway Signs


Loco Radiator Plates

Advertising Enamels

Cast Iron Seatbacks

Caps and Cap Badges

Coats of Arms and Railway Company Crests





Lamp Tablets

Lamps and Lighting

CORROUGATED - MESSENGER HAND LAMP Stamped and plated in 4 locations - "F R C N0 4 - GREEN RD SIGNAL BOX Signal Box" - Stunning survivor.

M & GN Joint

Stamped "F. R. RAVENGLASS"

Destination and Finger Boards

GWR - Station Destination Board - Ex Kidderminster

Ex Cardiff Docks Area

Overseas Railwayana

Zimbabwe Railways Cabside

Signalling Equipment



Mid Wales Line - Single Line Train Staff

C/I GWR Dunce cap Finial


Signalling Tablets

Signalling Key Tokens

Signalbox Lever Plates


Signalbox Names and Signs

The box was situated near the home of West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

"ROUGH CASTLE" -- N.B. Rly - Located Between Glasgow & Edinburgh- ViaFalkirk High

From Worthington Van De Grace Station on the old Coalville line

Station Board Letters

Class 52 Western Cabside Windows



Loco Headboards

Deltic Railtour Headboard

Other Loco Plates and Fittings

J37 Loco Cabside Classification Plates






GWR Framed & Glazed Posters - Ex Bristol Temple Meads Under Pass Tunnel

Time Tables



Very rare Caledonian Railway Timetable Sept 1897

Very rare North British Railway Timetable Oct 1915



GWR Property Plans


Mid Wales Railway Share Certificate


Carriage Prints



Bridge and Viaduct Plates


Wagon Plates


Very Rare - Private Owners Wagon Plate

Modern Image Signs

Miscellaneous Items

Pullman Car Chair. Still in original 1937 moquette. Believed to be from Pullman Car "Ann" which was constructed for one of the Southern Railway 6 car express EMU's for the London to Brighton line.

Shipping Flag 12' x 6'. Ex Harwich Ship.

Rare - GWR C/I Signal Box Fire Surround

GWR C/I Water Stop Tap Cover & Key

Aveling & Porter Traction Engine Brass Chimney Surround

Three Scottish Booking Office Location Stamps - Patterson, Carstairs, Pollockshaw


200th Type 4 Locomotive for BR

LMS Station Garden Competition Plaque

GNR Lettered Fire Bucket Brackets

First Aid Box

APT Model

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