Lot 100 LOCOMOTIVE NAMEPLATE: "ROBERT THE DEVIL" as carried by LNER 4-6-2 Class A1 Loco No 1479 built at Doncaster in July 1923 as works No 1571. Renumbered 4479 in April 1925 and withdrawn as an A1 from New England in January 1942 and sent to Doncaster for conversion to class A3 in July 1942. Re-entered traffic in August 1942, becoming LNER 110 in August 1946 and BR 60110 in March 1949. Double Chimney fitted in May 1959 and German type smoke deflectors were fitted in 1961. A long-time King's Cross loco withdrawn from there June 1963 and cut up at Doncaster July 1963. Cast Brass in Superb Ex Loco condition, the Number 110 is clearly stamped on the underside. This was the only A1/A3 Class Loco to retain the same tender throughout its service. The vendor has been in possession of this nameplate for the past 51 years a stunning Ex Loco example regarded as one of the best A3 names!!!!!!!!!!!! Plenty of knocks and scrapes from a life time of service.


  Lot sold for £17600