Lot 150 A Superb and desirable Brass Nameplate "SNOWDON" as carried by a Webb designed ex LNWR/LMS Precedent Class 1P 2-4-0 Locomotive later known as Jumbo?s it was built at Crewe works in April 1875. Originally L & NWR No 2191 its number was changed to 5001 when it was rebuilt in November 1892, it then became into LMS stock as No 25001 for a short time in April 1934 before being withdrawn in October of that year. A superb plate from the last of the class to be withdrawn the plate is 49" long and lightly polished. The vendor?s father purchased the nameplate after seeing it advertised in a Railway Magazine in the early 1960?s, it was hanging in the hall of her parents? house in Market Harborough for many years before her father died in 1979. The nameplate was put into store as her husband was posted to Hong Kong. After their return in 1985 they went to live in Essex, having retrieved the plate from storage they moved to Ibiza in 2004 and the plate has been hanging in their hallway until recettly. Never been offered in auction before. A very nice example mounted on a wooden back board ready to hang!!


  Lot sold for £8500