Lot 173 Brass EAR Steam Locomotive Cabside Numberplate "No 2711". As carried by a Baldwin loco works USATC S118 2-8-2 locomotive. Built in 1944 for the Malayan Railways - Eight similar loco`swere later sold to the Tanganyika Railwaysin 1949 which later that year became part of the East African Railways. In 1950 the EAR purchased a further similareight loco`s including 2711from the Malayan railways and the sixteen loco`s were classified "27 Class". In 1953a further engine was built at Dar El Salaam works from spare parts purchasedfrom the Nigerian Railways which brought the class totalto seventeen. The whole class waswithdrawn by the mid 1970`s.


  Lot sold for £200