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Updated Nov 20, 2017

Auction Preview Gallery
Stafford Auction - 13th January 2018

Steam Nameplates

Brass Steam Locomotive Nameplate "FLYING DUTCHMAN" as carried by a Riddles designed BR Britannia Class 4-6-2 No "70018" Built at Crewe Works in June 1951. Allocations included Old Oak Common, Cardiff Canton, Carlisle Canal, Longsight, Crewe North, Crewe South, Carlisle Upperby and Carlisle Kingmoor from where it was withdrawn in December 1966. Cut up at Motherwell Machinery & Scrap, Wishaw, near Motherwell 05/67. A wonderful opportunity to own this first time in auction iconic plate. Ex Loco condition. Arguably one of the best names in the class!

Extremely rare metal steam locomotive splasher named "LAIRD O' MONKBARNS" as carried by Reid designed NBR/LNER 4-4-0 D30/2 class locomotive No 62421. Built by Cowlairs Works in April 1914. Allocated to Edinburgh St. Margarets Shed all its working life it was withdrawn from there in June 1960. Cut up at Cowlairs works 08/60. This is a unique historical survivor and no doubt would be of great interest to our enthusiasts north of the border. Original Ex Loco condition. Purchased by the vendor in August 1961 while visiting Cowlairs Works, he was amazed to see it laying against a load more scrap metal and asked someone in the office if he could buy it. They charged him 10 Shillings. That was 56 years ago.

Nameplate and Cabside set from GWR 4-6-0 "King" Class No 6006, named "King George I".
Built Swindon, entered service during February 1928. Withdrawn during February 1962.

Longmoor Military Steam Railway Nameplate

Rare and Special Items

Brass Commemorative Cabside Plaque . As carried by a Gresley designed ex LNER/BR V2 Class 2-6-2 Locomotive No 60835 (Original Number 4806) "THEGREEN HOWARD". Built at Darlington Works in September 1938. Allocations included York, Gateshead, Heaton, Tweed mouth , Aberdeen Ferryhill and Edinburgh St. Margarets from where it was withdrawn in October 1965. Cut up at Campbell's, Airdrie 12/65. This nameplate was affixed at Richmond Station, Yorkshire in the same month of entry into service.

Rare Fox - Details coming soon.

Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railwayana Collection

This plate is from one of the initial carriages on the Lough Swilly Railway. 22 of these carriages were bought between 1884 and 1889, from Railway Carriage Co Ltd of Oldbury. These carriages were 31ft 9in in length and had 6 wheels on 3 axels arranged on the Cleminson principle, to accommodate the charpe curves on the system.

Edmonson Ticket Cabinet with Tickets from early 1900s. This Cabinet was used in the Londonderry Station of the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway. It contains numerous very specific tickets.

Motor Launch, (Aberfoyle), Original Registration plate. This registration plate came off the US Navy launch that was acquired by the Lough Swilly Railway, for the Fahan to Rathmullan ferry service that the company ran in conjunction with their train service. This launch came into service in 1947. It was the second vessel on the service to bear the name Aberfoyle. The first came into service in 1913 and operated for 2 years before being requisitioned by the navy. It never returned. The plate is brass, 6.5in x 2.25in

2 Printing plates. These 2 engraved copper plates are for producing company headed paper. One plate is for "Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway Company". It has a steam train logo and has spaces for the signatures 2 directors and a secretary. The plate is 8.125 in by 2.5 in. The other is for "Lough Swilly and Letterkenny Railway". There plate also dates the paper with 188... The plate is 5 in by 2.5625in

Original drawing for G.N.R.I. for Railcar "A". Railcar A was the first railcar to enter service with GNRI in July 1932. This unit had seats for 32 passengers and could be driven from either end. Power was supplied by a 6 cylinder AEC engine. It developed 130HP and had a maximum speed of 50 mph on level track. This railcar remained in service until 1964.

MRNCC Guards Watch. Circa 1910. This watch was used on the Midland Railway line, between Belfast and Londonderry. The Back is stamped "M.R.N.C.C. No 56"

Guard's Whistle. (The Thunderer) Stamped G.N.R.I.

No 5 Hudswell Clarke Worksplate. This plate came off No 5 Engine that operated on the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway, in North West Ireland, between 1912 and 1953. This was a narrow gauge, (3ft) system. This engine and her sister unit were the only 4.8.4 engines operating in the British Isles. The two engines were also the most powerful narrow gauge engines, almost as powerful as standard gauge units. No 5 was the last engine to run on the Swilly system as it was used on the lifting train in 1953. It was used for this purpose as it was the only one with sufficient water capacity for the job. The plate is brass, 61cm x 41cm and weighs approx 13Kg.


Tender Plates

Steam Loco Express Headboard



Cuneo - The mouse and his Master

Don Beckon Sketches

Rare - One off hand drawn sketches by Don Beckon

Special Historic Item

Signalbox Name Boards

Flamecut Panels

The Hereford Collection of Cast Iron Notices

Cast Iron Notices

Depot Plaques and Double Arrows

Boundary Markers and Mile Posts


Signalling Equipment

Track and Signalbox Diagrams

Loco Whistles

Loco and Hand Lamps

Jersey Railway Hand Lamp

Road King Lamp

Railway Map

A Collection of Paychecks


Transfer Plaques

Model Britannia Loco

Diesel and Electric Nameplates

Ex. Warship Class 43 No D864.
Built Swindon 1962, withdrawn November 1971. Sheds include Laira and Newton Abbot.

Diesel and Electric Worksplates

Steam Worksplates

Cabside and Smokebox Numberplates

Totems Station Signs

Target Station Signs

Door Plates

Enamel Signs

CROMER Collection


C/I Arch Plate

Wagon Plates

Royal Scot Framed Photo

Highway Signs and Items

Carriage and Destination Boards

Double Sided Destination Sign

South African Railways Cabside

Advertising Enamels

Moderm Image Signs

Ex manchester Piccadilly Station

Miscellaneous Collectible Items

Quality Reproduction

Reproduction Britannia Smokebox

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