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Updated Jan 17, 2019

Auction Preview Gallery (Part 2)
Special Norfolk - M&GN and Norfolk & Suffolk Collection
Stafford Auction - 2nd February 2019

Express Headboards

Extremely Rare Survivors - both found after 58 years in a private Norfolk Collection - Never been in auction before

Worksplates (Steam)

Targets (LMS)

Bridge Plates

Cast Iron Signs

Miscellaneous Collectibles

Carriage and Destination Boards

Enamel Door Plates

Enamel Signs

Trackside Signage




Platform Lamp
Ex "ALDEBY" between Beccles - Yarmouth

Lamp Tablets

Lamp Glasses

Signalbox Nameboards

Signalling - Single Line Tablets







Cashbags and Satchels
















Signalling - Instruments and Indicators


Signalling - Single Line Staffs

Miscellaneous Collectibles


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