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Updated Feb 21, 2022

Lineside Signs

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C/I Midland Railway Oval Mileage Marker "132". Recovered from a location between Kelston and Weston, depicting the miles between Derby and Bath Green Park. Original Trackside Condition.

Guide: £100-150


C/I Midland Railway Mileage Marker "53 1/4". Measured from Derby, from the Walsall to Wolverhampton line, located quarter of a mile from the start of the line from Heathtown to Wolverhampton. 19in tall and new to auction. Restored Condition.

Guide: £100-120
Lot Sold For: £180 (PB 184)


B.R. Permanent Way Speed Restriction Sign "85" Large Numerals. Ex-trackside condition.

Guide: £40-60


B.R. Permanent Way Speed Restriction Sign "85" Small Numerals. Ex-trackside condition.

Guide: £40-60


Great Central Railway Boundary Marker. Unrestored condition.

Guide: £50-60
Lot Sold For: £30 (PB 71)


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