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Updated Jun 20, 2022

Signalbox Nameboards

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G.W.R C/I Signal Box Nameboard "FILLEIGH SIGNAL BOX". Face restored condition.

Guide: £1000-1500
Lot Sold For: £1400 (PB 699)


Signal Box Nameboard "WASHWOOD HEATH SIDINGS No. 6". Ex-service condition. Size 6.5ft x 10ft 5in.

Guide: £200-400


L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "INGBER". Metal letters mounted on new backboard. Size 29in x 8in.

Guide: £150-250


L.N.W.R/L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "SHOTWICK SDGS". Face repainted.

Guide: £200-400
Lot Sold For: £300 (PB 618)


L.N.W.R/L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "SEACOMBE JUNCTION". Minor loss of timber backboard top right. Face repainted.

Guide: £200-400
Lot Sold For: £300 (PB 618)


L.N.W.R/L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "WIDNES No. 6". Original condition.

Guide: £200-400
Lot Sold For: £460 (PB 618)


L.N.W.R/L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "PARK STATION". Face repainted.

Guide: £200-400


L.N.W.R/L.M.S. Signal Box Nameboard "TOWN GREEN". Face repainted.

Guide: £200-400
Lot Sold For: £650 (PB 582)


F.R Signal Box Nameboard "HAVERTHWAITE". Ex-Furness Railway style lettering. Size 4.5in x 6in.

Guide: £200-400


Signal Box Nameboard "ARMATHWAITE". All original and in restored condition complete with its four fixing bolts to the rear. A classic Settle & Carlisle line location. Size 5ft 2in x 10in.

Guide: £300-500
Lot Sold For: £750 (PB 157)


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