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Updated Jun 20, 2022


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B.R. (S) Wooden Platform Fingerboard "SOUTHAMPTON CENTRAL, WINCHESTER & WATERLOO REFRESHMENT CAR". Ex-Bournemouth station. Distressed condition.

Guide: £30-50


B.R. (S) Wooden Platform Fingerboard "RETURN BATH & BRISTOL EXCURSION" "BATH, BRISTOL, NORTH & WEST OF ENGLAND". Ex-Bournemouth station. Distressed condition.

Guide: £30-50
Lot Sold For: £50 (PB 211)


B.R. (S) Wooden Platform Fingerboard "EASTBOURNE PULLMAN Pullman cars only SUPPLEMENTARY FARES First Class 3/-, Second Class 2/-." Note: The Eastbourne Pullman was an E.M.U service from London Victoria to Eastbourne that ran on summer Sundays only between 1950 and 1957.

Guide: £200-300
Lot Sold For: £310 (PB 10)


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