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Updated Nov 1, 2022


Lot No Lot Detail


Aluminium Panel branded "INTERCITY".

Guide: £40-60


Central Trains modern style Driver's Bag. As new condition.

Guide: £30-50


B.R (M) Vacuum Gauge as fitted to guard's compartments.

Guide: £20-40
Lot Sold For: £25 (PB 947)


Oilcan, brass plated "CARRIAGE AXLE OIL". Ex-carriage sidings Evercreech New.

Guide: £80-120
Lot Sold For: £130 (PB 975)


L.M.S St John Ambulance Service hallmarked gold medal presented to F.W McCabe 1943 plus service year chains from 1932 to 1946 plus BR (M) presentation wristwatch inscribed to rear "BR LONDON MIDLAND REGION F.W. Mc.CABE IN APPRECIATION OF 45 YEARS SERVICE" plus two uniform badges relating to LMS St. John with button hole rear fasteners.

Guide: £50-80


North Staffs Railway Co "FREE PASS, FRANK REE No. 7". Crest to front, with a depiction of the NSR Staffordshire knot to rear.

Guide: £80-120
Lot Sold For: £180 (PB 962)


Great Eastern Railway Hallmarked Silver Pass, Enamelled face with crests, winged logo to rear, dated 1922.

Guide: £80-120
Lot Sold For: £80 (PB 81)


Pair of ARP Warden Lapel Badges.

Guide: £30-50


Pair of British Railways Lion & Wheel Uniform Badges, one nickel, one gilt.

Guide: £60-100


North Somerset Railway Brass Document Bag Insert Plate, Double Sided "PENSFORD TO HALLATROW / HALLATROW TO PENSFORD." On the former section from Bristol to Frome.

Guide: £100-200
Lot Sold For: £140 (PB 97)


North Somerset Railway Brass Document Bag Insert Plate Double Sided "HALLATROW TO DUNKERTON / DUNKERTON TO HALLATROW". On the former section from Bristol to Frome.

Guide: £100-200
Lot Sold For: £120 (PB 97)


Original "GR" Cast Iron Side Mounted Lamp Box, embossed with GR initials and "LETTERS ONLY" above aperture. Complete with enamel plate "EMNETH STATION", a location on the former route from March and Wisbech to Magdalen Road. Complete with door key.

Guide: £750-1000
Lot Sold For: £1100 (PB 120)


Original "GR" Cast Iron Side Mounted Wall Box, embossed with GR initials and "POST OFFICE" above aperture. 13in wide and 13in deep, stands 33in high. No key present.

Guide: £750-1000


W.H. Smith WOODEN CHAIR produced for customer use, with inlaid marquetry panel of WHS oval logo to chair back. Fair condition for age.

Guide: £80-120
Lot Sold For: £100 (PB 82)


Nestle's 1D Chocolate Vending Machine. Superb Restored Condition, complete with its enamel instruction for use plate and key. Stands 28in high.

Guide: £600-800
Lot Sold For: £1000 (PB 935)


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