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Updated Nov 1, 2022

Clocks and Watches

Lot No Lot Detail


L.N.E.R. Pocket Watch and chain. Engraved to rear 'L.N.E.R. 6053'. Working order.

Guide: £60-80
Lot Sold For: £80 (PB 508)


L.S.W.R. Passenger Guard's Pocket Watch. Engraved to rear 'L&SWR No. 2577 Passenger'. Working order.

Guide: £100-150


L&NWR Office/Desk Clock c/w Enamel Numberplate '4710' to side. Working order.

Guide: £300-400
Lot Sold For: £280 (PB 249)


G.W.R. Drop Dial Clock. No serial number visible, although '2395' is marked on the pendulum rod. Possibly older and from a GWR constituent. Working order.

Guide: £800-1200
Lot Sold For: £800 (PB 954)


Royal Air Force 10in Dial 24-hour Operations Clock. Working order.

Guide: £300-500
Lot Sold For: £400 (PB 82)


Presentation Clock, 10in Dial. Brass plate to base: "Presented to Norman Sykes by his colleagues, associates and friends on retirement from his service on LM&S Rly Co 1889-1934". Working order.

Guide: £200-250


Southern Railway 12in Fusee Clock No. 10164. A clock that escaped updating by contractor John Walker on nationalisation. Working Order. 10164 engraved to rear of case. Ex-Southampton Docks Canteen.

Guide: £600-800
Lot Sold For: £1600 (PB 406)


British Railways 8in Dial Clock by Smiths Empire. 'BR 13771' crudely applied to face. Working order.

Guide: £250-300


LB&SCR 12in Dial Fusee Clock. Serial No. 522B. Correct John Walker replacement dial at nationalisation but a previous owner has removed the 'BR (S)' from the top of the dial and replaced with Letraset 'LB&SCR'. Can be professionally painted back to 'BR(S)'. 522B engraved to back of case. Working order. Ex-Partridge Green Signal Box.

Guide: £600-800
Lot Sold For: £700 (PB 949)


And now for something completely different! A Russian Submarine Clock. Working order.

Guide: £100-150


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