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Updated Nov 1, 2022

Nameplates (Diesel and Electric)

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Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "ROYAL SOVEREIGN". As carried by Class 87 87002. New to WN Willesden 06/73. Named at Willesden ETD on 04/07/78 without ceremony. Withdrawn from WB Wembley 01/07 it was purchased for preservation by the AC Locomotive Group and returned to main line running condition. Currently owned by Locomotive Services Limited and based at Crewe. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £5000-8000
Lot Sold For: £10000 (PB 808)


Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE". As carried by Class 91 91017/91117. New to BN Bounds Green 07/90. Named at Kings Cross station 07/07/93 and carried until removed 11/96. Renumbered to 91117 02/02 it has also carried the names 'City of Leeds' 10/99-12/01, 'Cancer Research UK' 02/02-02/09 and 'West Riding Limited' 09/11 to date. Off lease 09/19 and currently awaiting export to Bulgaria with Europhoenix. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £3000-5000


Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "JAMES KENNEDY G.C.". As carried by Class 86 No. 86242. New to ACL lines 01/66 as E3138 becoming 86242 03/74. Named at Glasgow Central station on 12/11/81. Nameplates removed 09/02 on transfer to NC Norwich Crown Point as part of the Anglia Railways fleet where it was named 'Colchester Castle'. Exported to Hungary 07/13 and operated by Floyd as their number 0450 008-2. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £3000-4000


Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "COUNTY OF CLWYD - SIR CLWYD". As carried by Class 86 No. 86248, originally E3107 which was new to 5H 10/65. Named at Crewe station on 19/3/81. The wording is reversed on the other (B) side. Nameplates removed on withdrawal at St. Rollox 10/02. Loco stored until exported to Hungary 02/09 for operator Floyd and numbered 0450-001-7. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £3000-4000
Lot Sold For: £2000 (PB 945)


Alloy Electro Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "COUNTY OF EAST SUSSEX". As carried by Class 73 E6029/73122/73207/73971. New to 75D Stewarts Lane 04/66. It was named at Lewes station whilst numbered 73122 on 16/7/85. Loco renumbered 73207 as part of the Gatwick Express fleet. Nameplates removed 08/99. Renumbered again in 2017 when becoming 73971 operated by GB Railfreight as part of the Caledonian Sleeper fleet. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £4000-6000
Lot Sold For: £3000 (PB 185)


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "MODERN RAILWAYS THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS". As carried by Class 66 No. 66745. Delivered to the UK on 18 November 2003, numbered 66409 and originally operated by DRS. Renumbered to 66844 in July 2009 when operated by Colas Rail and then to 66745 in July 2011 by GB Railfreight. Named at the National Railway Museum on Friday 28 September 2012 as part of the magazine's birthday celebrations. It later hauled the Golden Jubilee railtour back to King's Cross. To be de-named during its pending exam 25/10/22 and being sold by the magazine's publishers for their nominated charity The Railway Benefit Fund. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £1000-2000
Lot Sold For: £2100 (PB 603)


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