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Updated Nov 1, 2022

Road and Street Signs

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Alloy "BUS STOP" Flag. A ubiquitous design used up and down the country. Letters painted blue.

Guide: £30-50


Alloy 1970s Sign "Vehicle Testing Station - Approved by the Ministry of Transport". Ex-service condition. Size 2ft x 26in.

Guide: £100-150
Lot Sold For: £130 (PB 561)


French Enamel Street Sign " RUE DU BOIS DE L'HUISSERIE". Ex-service condition. Size 2ft x 9.5in.

Guide: £50-80


French Enamel Street Sign " IMPASSE DE L'INDUSTRIE". Ex-service condition. Size 19in x 10in.

Guide: £50-80


Alloy Highway Finger Post Sign "MUMPS RAILWAY STATION" with BR arrow. Ex-service condition. Size 26in x 6in.

Guide: £60-100


Enamel Direction Sign "NAAFI CLUB". Double sided. Good Condition. Size 1ft x 38in.

Guide: £200-300


Alloy Sign "ALL VEHICLES STOP". Size 4ft x 16in.

Guide: £60-80


Alloy Wiltshire County Council Road Sign "W.C.C. NO LITTER PENALTY £100". Excellent Condition. Size 15in x 17in.

Guide: £100-200


Alloy Hampshire County Council Road Sign "NO LITTER PENALTY £10". Good Condition. Size 15in x 17in.

Guide: £100-200


Alloy Berkshire County Council Road Sign "NO PARKING ON VERGES PENALTY £1 ACT 1953". Excellent Condition. Size 2ft diameter. Excellent Condition.

Guide: £100-200


Alloy Maximum Speed Limit Roundel. All glass reflectors present. Ex-service condition. Size 18in diameter.

Guide: £100-200


Alloy Road Sign "POLICE NOTICE NO WAITING". Ex-service condition. Size 15in x 10in.

Guide: £100-150
Lot Sold For: £120 (PB 562)


C/I Fingerpost Roundel "YORKS W.R COTE HILL". Grid reference 243727. Ex-service condition. Size 18in x 15in.

Guide: £60-100


Alloy Road Sign Warning Triangle in Circle. All red reflectors present. Ex-service condition. Size 2ft diameter.

Guide: £150-200


Alloy Street Nameplate "STATION ROAD". Restored Condition.

Guide: £60-100


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