Please note: Our Diesel/Electric Worksplates/Nameplates have all been vetted and are guaranteed genuine and are either ex-loco or front repainted/rear ex-loco.

We do NOT accept or handle items that have been, or known to have been, face repainted and then ARTIFICIALLY WEATHERED in what amounts to be a fraudulent act carried out to deliberately increase the perceived value of a plate.

Electric Locomotive Worksplate "MANUFACTURED AT CREWE 1989 - BRITISH RAIL ENGINEERING LIMITED". As carried by Class 90 90002. After trials this loco was taken into stock at Willesden 04/88. Named 'The Girls' Brigade' 4/93 to 2/97, 'Mission Impossible' 3/97 to 12/04 whilst with Virgin Trains and 'Eastern Daily Press 1870-2010 - Serving Norfolk for 140 Years' 5/13 to 3/20 whilst with Greater Anglia. Still in service, now operated by Locomotive Services Ltd and named 'Wolf of Badenoch'. Oval alloy, front restored, rear ex-loco.


  Lot Sold For: £1300 (PB 52)