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Updated Jun 19, 2023

Nameplates (Diesel and Electric)

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Diesel Locomotive Flamecut Panel "LANCASTRIA". This stencilled name was applied to D223/40023 in the 1970s after the original and resin replacement nameplates were removed. The wording is situated between two original fixing bolts. The loco was withdrawn in 1981 and cut up at Crewe works in 1985. As removed condition. Size 31in x 8.5in.

Guide: £600-800


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY". As carried by Class 31 31413. Named at Bewdley station, SVR on 22/04/88 jointly by Sid Newey, Provincial Services BR and Michael Draper, General Manager SVR. Nameplates removed 04/93 at Crewe Diesel, due to loco's condition, and transferred to 31233 which carried them until 12/99. Ex loco as removed condition. Size 81in x 10in.

Guide: £3000-4000


Alloy Electric Locomotive Nameplate "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE". As carried by Class 87 87034. New to WN Willesden 09/74. Named at Birmingham International station on 16/05/78 by Sir Michael Hordern, actor. Nameplates removed 12/03. Loco exported to Bulgaria 12/08 and operated by Bulgarian Railway Company. Ex-loco as removed condition. Size 81in x 10in.

Guide: £5000-6000
Lot Sold For: £4600 (PB 1419)


Alloy Voyager Nameplate "PRINCE MADOC". As carried by Class 221 'Super Voyager' 221144. This class was introduced 2001/2 and many were named without ceremony at Central Rivers depot. This name was carried from 10/02-02/09. This 4-car unit was disbanded around 2009 to allow the formation of two further 5-car sets. The remaining vehicles becoming spare. Ex-service condition.

Guide: £1000-1500


Alloy Diesel Multiple Unit Nameplate "HENRY HUDSON SUPER VOYAGER". As carried by Class 221 Super Voyager 221123. Built in 2001 it was named at Central Rivers TMD 05/02 and the nameplates were carried until 12/07 when the unit was transferred from Virgin to Cross Country. Henry Hudson was a 17th century sea explorer, best known for his exploration of Canada and NE United States. Still in service with Cross Country. Size 37in x 18in. As removed condition. This lot comes with an additional Perspex interior plaque explaining the unit's name.

Guide: £1500-2000


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "BRISTOL BATH ROAD". As carried by Class 47 47490. Named at Bristol Bath Road depot on 22/09/88 by Dr Peter Rickard, Director of planning, Royal Mail. Nameplates removed at Bristol Bath Road 06/91 and transferred to 47805 which carried them until 02/95 when they were transferred again to 47816 on 26/05/95 until removed 12/02. Ex loco as removed condition. Size 65.5in x 10in. See Lot below.

Guide: £3000-4000
Lot Sold For: £5100 (PB 1474)


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Plate "QUALITY APPROVED". This plate was fitted to 47816 below the name 'Bristol Bath Road' on 26/05/95 to recognise the depot's ISO9002 Award. Removed with the nameplate 12/02. Ex-loco as removed condition. Size 33.5in x 5in.

Guide: £500-600
Lot Sold For: £550 (PB 372)


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "EASTERN". As carried by Class 60 60048. New to Toton 04/91. Named at Clydeport, Hunterston on 29/8/97 by Mr Jim Whelan, director of Eastern, on the reopening of Hunterston Terminal. Nameplates removed 06/10. Previously named 'Saddleback'. Loco was withdrawn 10/10 and currently stored at Toton Yard. Size 50in x 18in. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £2500-3000
Lot Sold For: £3300 (PB 121)


Alloy Electric Locomotive Plate "COUNTY OF CLWYD - SIR CLWYD". As carried by Class 86 86248, originally E3107, which was new to 5H 10/65. Named at Crewe station on 19/3/81. The wording is reversed on the other side. Nameplates removed on withdrawal at St Rollox 10/02. Loco stored until exported to Hungary 02/09. Ex-loco condition.

Guide: £2500-3000
Lot Sold For: £2500 (PB 372)


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "TEESIDE STEELMASTER". First carried by Class 37 37078, named at BSC Lackenby Works 04/07/84. Nameplates removed 02/87 and transferred to 37501 until 01/91. Finally carried by 37712 between 09/92 and 04/97. Ex loco as removed condition. Size 59in x 18in.

Guide: £3000-4000


Diesel Multiple Unit Nameplate "CRIMESTOPPERS". This name was applied to Class 143 DMMU 143605. Built in 1985 by Alexander/Barclay and first allocated to Heaton as 143005, becoming 143605 06/89. It was named at Cardiff in 2000 whilst operated by Arriva Trains Wales. The nameplates were removed in early 2006. Unit taken out of service in May 2021 and scrapped at Sims Metals, Newport the following month. As removed condition. Size 38in x 8in.

Guide: £400-600


Voyager Nameplate "BOMBARDIER VOYAGER". This is the third uncarried plate - the originals being fitted to 220017 from 09/01-12/07 and then set 221144 from 02/09-12/10. Good Condition.

Guide: £200-300
Lot Sold For: £150 (PB 1419)


Alloy Diesel Locomotive Nameplate "RESTYLED". This is a presentation plate mounted on a backboard. The name was cast for application to a RES class 47/7 but was never used as it was deemed unsuitable. Very Good Condition. Size 56in x 14in.

Guide: £200-300


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