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Updated Jun 19, 2023


Lot No Lot Detail


Alloy Tram Notice "ALL CARS STOP HERE". Ex-service condition.

Guide: £50-80
Lot Sold For: £75 (PB 621)


Alloy Tram Notice "CARS STOP HERE IF REQUIRED". Ex-service condition.

Guide: £50-80
Lot Sold For: £75 (PB 621)


Pair of Alloy Painted London Country Buses Direction Flags "406 EPSOM" and "406 KINGSTON". As used on Epsom Downs for Derby Day, directing the crowds to the appropriate queue home. Fair condition although suffered from water damage when in storage.

Guide: £50-80


Fibre Glass Southdown Motor Services radiator/bonnet badge.

Guide: £50-80


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